Welcome to the Anomalous Spotlight, a new way to help support the hardworking indie authors out there. I have a respect for the authors who independently publish their books after months to years of writing, editing, formatting, publishing, and marketing; they pour so much of themselves and their time into creating the perfect story for us readers to enjoy.

Though independent authors have broken out a little more somewhat recently, they are still sometimes frowned upon and always mistaken for "terrible writers who can't get published," even when that's not the case. Nowadays, some writers prefer to have full control over their own work!

Here at The Anomalous Bookshelf, we strive to help independent authors get out in the world and give them the spotlight they deserve. At the time being, the submissions and Spotlight spots are completely free. Please know that at any point, that may change.

Want to be featured?
We strive to provide new content for the readers on this blog and we really want to try to get these spotlight features out as soon as we receive them.

On top of the feature post, your book/author pic will be displayed on the sidebar seen when someone is reading a review or going through some of our pages. This will ensure that until a new feature post comes out, YOU are in the spotlight. :)

At the time, we are ONLY taking feature posts on Young Adult fiction (all subgenres) and New Adult Fiction. No erotica, sorry




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