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Here at The Anomalous Bookshelf, we strive to help authors of all sorts gain the exposure they deserve. Unlike a majority of book bloggers out there, we want to help focus on the independent authors out there trying to find people to help expose their work. We know how hard it can be for an independent author to fulfill their bookish dreams, so we do our best to help them in any way we can. This includes anything from book reviews, advertisements via website and Twitter, author interviews, giveaways, book tours, and even book services like editing and formatting (this service is for authors who self-publish).

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25-year-old fantasy fanatic with a love for sniffing books, sitting in Starbucks reading or writing, wax seals, quill pens, and vintage typewriters. 

Mercy currently lives with her fiance in an RV where together, they will travel around the U.S. before finally settling into Colorado where they will build their own home by the mountains. 

As an avid reader and Twitch streamer, Mercy's imagination allows her to read books and become sucked into the very story. She looks for books with strong female characters and that can all together, make her "see" the story play out before her like a movie. She prefers to read Fantasy and any books that have their own world with custom creatures, plants, maps, and more. 




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