Wednesday, March 30, 2016

[Weekly Colloquy] Here Comes A Hiatus

Good evening, everyone! This week's colloquy is a bit late in the day, but that's because I had gotten a root canal done earlier today and have been sleeping off the numbness and some of the pain. I had to take a day off from reading as well and that didn't go over too well (I'm having withdrawals).

Let's get down to the title of this post. Yes, there is an upcoming hiatus blowing this way at Clockwork Origin Productions. I'll be clearing out my queue as quickly as I can so that I can take a break to get personal things in order. It's hard to split time between personal things and things I really enjoy (like reading), making my personal things build up to the point where I've been stressing out pretty frequently. I will still be reading when I can; this hiatus won't mean that we will never have posts published. We will do our best to get out reviews, book tours, giveaways, etc., when the opportunity arises, but things won't be getting posted as often (sorry!).

I'm not 100% sure when the hiatus will start, but I have ceased requesting books from NetGalley so that I may knock out the remaining books on that queue as well as the few review requests I've accepted previously. Our review policy has been updated to reflect the upcoming hiatus.

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