Wednesday, March 23, 2016

[WC] Buried in Books

Welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Colloquy. In this session, I'll be ranting on about how many books I'm currently behind. I have a growing queue from requests added into my need to read books I find in the store. On top of that, I'm currently about 10 books behind in my annual reading challenge of 100 books.

It's stressful, you know? Not only am I currently buried underneath all these books I need to read, I've been trying to finish off my queue so I can have time to focus on other things and I'm the type of person that doesn't like a long list of things to do. As a blogger, I try to do my best to get reviews and other posts out in a timely fashion to keep content fresh and you readers happy and entertained. It's not always easy (especially when you have other things you need to do and want to take the time to knock out the queue before taking on those other things).

Okay, rant over. So what can we look forward to within the next week? Well, you can look forward to my review of Fig by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz, my review of Almana by Julayn Adams, and an interview with Jacinta Maree, author of Soulless

Hopefully by next Wednesday, I have a bit more to talk about that isn't a full blown rant (sorry about that, by the way).

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