Friday, October 9, 2015

[Book of the Month] September - Fly Away

Hello, everyone! Welcome to September's Book of the Month Award. I apologize for being a bit late on this post because well, I must admit, I've been really lazy. But, here it is.

In September, I read fewer books than normal (totaling at 8) since things in my personal life have been interfering with my reading (I'm not complaining or anything, it happens). I will also assume that it will continue being this way for the next few months since I am taking up a second job just to be sure I've got some extra cash to do necessary car repairs.

September's Book of the Month Award goes to Fly Away by the lovely Amy Maurer Jones. Congratulations to Ms. Jones who deserves it for writing a wonderful book about reincarnation. It was beautifully written and I'm looking forward to more.

Our rating for this book landed a flawless 5-gears and before I start my own novel describing how good this book was, check out my review here.

Buy this Book.

About the Author.

Amy Maurer Jones has been happily married to her own version of Edward Cullen for sixteen years. She and her soul mate, Kelly, live in Tabor City, North Carolina with their two beautiful children, Olivia and Keaton.

When Amy isn’t reading and writing, she teaches high school theater arts and dance. To say that Amy has a flare for all things creative would be an understatement, just don’t ask her to assemble anything that requires instructions or sadly, you will be out of luck!

If you would like to learn more about Amy and her projects, check out her blog:

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