Monday, September 7, 2015

Sympathy's Bookshelf #12

Hello, everyone! I hope you survived your weekend, and happy labor day. Do you like the new banner? Anyway, last week was a real lazy week. It took me nearly the whole week to just finish one of the books on my shelf, but luckily I was able to finish the two that were already on my "currently reading shelf" yesterday. I'm hoping to at least read one of the current books on my "currently reading shelf" today, but I think I'm still in lazy mode. Maybe I can force myself to read it!

With that said, here's the next five books on my to-read shelf. Once I finish the 2 that are currently on my reading shelf, I will begin going through the next five. This list will always be full as a way to help me keep track of all the books I need to read... well... next. Hehe.

Next 5 Books

Cutters Don't Cry
Onyx Webb: Book Two: Episodes 4, 5 & 6
Throne of Glass
Fly Away

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