Monday, August 31, 2015

Sympathy's Bookshelf #11

Good afternoon, everyone (depending on wherever you are)! Welcome back to Sympathy's Bookshelf. I decided to do something a bit different with this, and future weekly installments by posting the next 5 books that will be read. The next 5 books does not include what is currently being read.

My NetGalley queue is finally slimming down. With the current books I'm reading, I've got a total of four left. This doesn't include anything that's currently pending. This will now give me time to start slimming down my TBR pile that is getting significantly high. When I first started blogging, that pile had only like twenty books that I wanted to read. Since then, it's grown significantly, reaching to nearly 200. Sheesh. I'm pretty stoked to start lowering the amount of books in that pile.

It's funny because before starting this site, I had taken one huge hiatus from reading. It gave me time to do a lot of other things I wanted to do and when I had the urge to start binging on books again, it felt like there wasn't enough books for me to read. I know, I know, that was stupid of me. Now I'm stuck with a growing pile of books to be read. Eeeee.

The Next 5 TBR Books.

Fly Away
Shadow of Flame
The Space Between Heartbeats
The Bones of the Earth

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