Saturday, August 8, 2015

Life is Strange [Updates]

Hola! I really do apologize for not updating beforehand (I swear, I was going to until I fell asleep!), but the reason I haven't posted anything is because I went to Punta Cana, DR for 6 days on August 1st. I only got 1 book down (that review will be up shortly), and there, I didn't have any service, and I was not going to pay for wifi at the resort I was staying in. The place was beautiful, we stayed in an all inclusive hotel (seriously, all inclusive yet you have to pay for wifi?), and we had a lot of fun zip lining, snorkeling, and lazing by the beach/pool. 

Anyway, I'm back now, so things should be going back to normal with my usual reading schedule. As for other updates, I do want to give a quick review on a game I've been playing. I'm not a professional gamer, nor do I usually write reviews for games, but this needs to be said.

The day before I left for Punta Cana (and during my flight there), I was playing Life is Strange, a game from Square Enix and Dontnod (I apologize if I say that weird, I'm not sure who is who), about an 18-year-old girl named Max, who has a vision of a tornado wiping out her town and gains the ability to reverse time. This game is one of my favorite types of games; the decisions you make have consequences, and in this case, the consequences can happen in the past, present, or future. 

I have to admit, I hadn't played a video game in so long due to my Xbox Live membership being expired and the lack of money to renew it. However, I'm really glad that this was the first game to play since then. I loved Telltale's The Walking Dead, and though this had nothing to do with zombies, I still really really REALLY enjoyed this. I finally finished episode 4 (yes, the game is episodic) and boy, I seriously didn't see that plot twist. I actually had to sit there for a moment to process what had happened. There were a lot of those times where things happened so suddenly, which leaves you all like WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO? CAN I GO BACK AND FIX IT? HOLY CRAP, I FUCKED UP EVERYTHING. 

If I were an actual reviewer for video games, I'd give this a 10 out of 10. The story was beautiful, the characters and their development made them so believable, and made you feel different ways toward them -- you hated some, you loved some, etc. The plot had so many twists and turns based on your actions, so it always kept you on your toes. I do have to say that if you don't like slowness in a game where you have to look around for things, it's not the game for you, but you're basically trying to track down a lot of things and people like a detective, so looking is a huge thing in the game... especially because Max, the main character, is a photographer. Speaking of that, there are a lot of optional photos you can take to earn you more rewards, so that's always fun :)

<3 Back to the reviews.

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