Monday, August 10, 2015

[Book of the Month] Saving Avery

Welcome to July's Book of the Month award "ceremony." Last month, I read 12 books, and out of the 12, I could only choose one. It was a hard decision because I actually enjoyed some of the books I read that month, but I managed to figure it out after a long and hard discussion with the judges (myself).

Congratulations to Ms. Snyder as her novel, Saving Avery, moved me so much emotionally that I have deemed it July's Book of the Month. Here's your reward: that cool looking trophy at the bottom of the cover. You're welcome.

Our rating for this book was 5-gears. Instead of reading me rant about it, check out the review here.

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About the Author.
Angela is an author from a small town in Pennsylvania. She has always had a passion for writing and recently decided to pursue her lifelong dream. She currently lives in an even smaller town in Pennsylvania with her husband and her very spoiled Golden Retriever.

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