Wednesday, August 19, 2015

[Binge Read] Angelbound Origin - COMPLETE

Four days ago, I talked about how I was going to Binge Read the Angelbound Origin series that weekend. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete it by the end of the weekend (obviously), nor was I able to complete it quickly after. On Sunday, I realized that the first book was over 500 pages, and I wasn't able to complete it until 2AM on Monday. Still suffering from the book hangover later that day, I definitely wasn't in the mindset to read another book. I soon continued with the second book on Tuesday, and just finished the last of the series tonight. You should see the review just before this post on the main page. But, who would want to? You'll get everything here.

As for the next coming Binge Read, I know it will be for Throne of Glass. Queen of Shadows is coming out very soon and I expect to have read the books prior to it by its release. Just like this series, I've already read the Throne of Glass series a while ago. If you can't already tell, I like to refresh my mind on stories that are a part of a series before the next book comes out. It helps in some way. Anyway, on to the reviews~

The reviews for each book will only be a paragraph or two on here to keep the post from dragging, but links to the full review will be provided at the end.

The Reviews.

Angelbound - 5 gears 

Angelbound is a wonderfully engaging story with a kick ass female as the amazing main character. I bought this book back in January 2014, about 1-2 months after it was released and read it as quickly as I did this second time. This story is around 500 pages. I started it yesterday at 9PM and now have a book hangover since I didn't sleep until 2AM.

ANYWAY, this story was definitely something else with the memorable characters, the perfectly executed humor, the action-packed scenes, and their strong independent, fierce lady character, Myla, all flawlessly balanced into an awesome story that has yet to leave the back of my conscious... (more)

Scala - 4 gears

Scala is the continuing book of the Angelbound Origin series, thrusting you back into the eventful life of Myla Lewis, the newly announced Great Scala. Upon finishing Angelbound, I really wanted to immediately read Scala, but alas, at that time, it was a ways away from release. I have to admit, I remember dreading the wait.

As a reader, I didn't really like Adair. Obviously, Ms. Bauer did a wonderful job making you absolutely despise the "innocent" psychopath who makes possibly the worst ideas possibly throughout both books... (more)

Armageddon - 5 gears

Unlike both Angelbound and Scala, I hadn't read this book. In fact, I remember wanting to read it, and life got in the way. I'm just so glad that this series brought me back to it, especially since I got to read all three books consecutively.

In the epic conclusion of the Angelbound Origin series, Myla goes on yet another action packed adventure, just, this time, in Hell. I knew at some point that she would end up there, but what I didn't expect is the amount of years that had passed along with the changes that came along with it. It really makes you think what happened in between. At this point, the house of Acca is finally going through its necessary changes (thank God)... (more)

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